Hey, pals and gals- this is the new home of the comic strip “Comic Book Dude & Vegetarian Girl”.  It’s been kicking around since 2003, and has had a few starts and stops, but hopefully, it’s here to stay. Now, about the comic- These are classic strips that some of you may have read before. Every strip can be found- in order- in the COMIC ARCHIVES section. And you can comment on every strip! Something you think is funny? Not funny? Start a discussion!

I intend to update this blog daily with a strip until we get caught up- and then it’s new content for as long as I can keep it up. I’ve got big story plans, and I hope you’ll be around to enjoy them. So tell your friends- Like and/or Share us on Facebook, Bloglovin’, WHEREVER, just get the word out! There’s a lot of good stuff coming your way!

-The Management